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Train Yard

Train Coupling, Nobesville, IN
Train Coupling, Nobesville, IN

I love what I call Sunday Photo Day. This past Sunday June 30th Debra and I headed to the Indiana Transportation Museum. I have been shooting there for year and there are all these old trains and some of them have the most beautiful rust and decay.  Did I mention I like rust and decay? So here is the first of many I took that day. I hope in the coming weekends I can go out and shoot more there. I haven’t even begun to capture all of what is there. I’ll post more here over the coming weeks.

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Live From Decay

20061020_trains_-0154 wcrNature has a way of claiming what is hers.  So many times in my travels I see nature taking back what was hers.  This was very evident in this shot.  I stumbled upon an old box car and it was rusting away.  Out of the rust was the beginnings of a new plant.  Maybe in 50 years there won’t be anything but a pile of rust and dirt and a lot of new plants.  Made with an IQ180 camera from Phase One.

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Train In The Valley

Glenfinnan‑Viaduct – Scotland

The Scotland trip continues. Today is the last day of shooting followed by closing ceremonies tonight. This has been an excellent PODAS workshop as we have photographed so many great places, made new friends and had a few laughs. Makes photography a lot of fun. The attendees from the workshop are from all over the world and it’s great to see how a passion of photography is common everywhere. This shot made with the Phase One IQ180 is of the Glenfinnan Viaduct. This was the last run for this train until net spring.

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Morant’s Curve The Other Direction

Well, I just had to go back and shoot a train on Morant’s curve coming from the other direction. Had to wait like an hour for the train to come and then it was moving very fast. But, I managed to get focus set prior to the arrival and then at a certain point I just blasted away. Here is the one I like best. Taken with an Olympus OMD 5. I feel the sky, curve and colors all work well in this shot. Hope you enjoy it.

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Train Car In A Field – Indiana

I have a collection of images made in old and abandoned trains.  I try something new once in a while and sometimes an idea works.  This shot was made of multiple images stitched manually together to form this picture.  This was a from a number of train cars I found abandoned in a filed not to far from my home.  They have since been moved and no longer there.  It was such great place to shoot in once and a while.

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Big Boy Big Wheel

Big Wheel, from a steam locomotive, Snowqualimie, WA

I love things with rust and I love thing engineered by man.  I marvel at the way someone can design something on paper and then be made into a machine that works.  This si a shot of a steam locomotive made in Snoqualimie, WA.  I shot here for an hour isolating several things going in close and far away.  Looking for the right balance of the elements to make a shot.  This image is one that works for me.

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Wheels Of Rust

Wheels Of Rust Old Train, Snoqualmie, WA

Yesterday I had a number of meetings and afterwards I found myself in Snowqualmie, a small town 30 mini yes outside of Seattle. I usually photograph this magnificent waterfall there, but the government was redoing the damn and power plant there so there was no access. None the less I found a yard fill of old trains. It’s raining and not too pleasant, so I did not shoot with my big boy cameras. I got my iPhone out and started to look for rust and design. I found it. This is one of hundreds I shot. I like the whole iron feel if it. It had rust another favorite subject of mine .  I messed with it a little in some apps to give an old kind of feel and thus this is my image of the day.