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Big Train In Oregon

Sometimes it’s not always the landscape that I shoot.  i enjoy photographing many things.  While in Oregon along the Columbia River we re we shooting the river and fall colors.  I hear the horn of a train and luckily we were position below a set of train tracks that run along the river.   I set myself up wanting to see how well continuous autofocus on my camera works and prepare for the train I heard coming.  In about a minute this giant mile long train come rushing by.  This is the shot I like the best.  Low angle and fills the frame just right.  Ends up making. pretty cool image.

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A Place

So, what does it mean?

While at my sons wedding a few weeks ago I went exploring and found this corner mechanics shop with a variety of old and rusty things.  The place was a photographers dream thus for the next day or so you will see images from there.  This was one that was just randomly nailed to the wall of the building.   Why a license plate and a horseshoe?  Don’t know but it caught my eye.  There were old tricks, gears, junk, and even a truck that was sold old it had to be from the thirties.  It had a big Redwood tree still on it’s bed and there was tree growing out of it.  Look for more soon.