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On The Way To Denali

Igloo Building near Denali NP, Alaska

Igloo Building near Denali NP, Alaska

One of the cool things about cruising American highways is that you stumble upon some of the oddest things.  Here is an example that I found on my way driving from Anchorage to Denali NP.  Off to the side of the road is this giant looking igloo.  It is abandoned and upon further inspection actually was never complete.  The story goes they couldn’t get enough water and utilities there to make the spot operate so they just left it.  Pretty cool place.

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A Little Too Close

A LittleToo Close

A LittleToo Close

Visiting Alaska a couple of years ago I had the chance to photography wildlife.  I was not a big shooter of wildlife as it requires patience and that is something I don’t have much of.  But, when opportunity presents itself I’ll take advantage of it.  This si a shot I think of a grizzly.  Sounds good no matter if I was correct.  I shot a whole series of this bear (obviously a mama) as she had two cubs with her.  Later my son who knows a lot of stuff said I was too close and the bear would attack if it smelled fear.  I assured him the only thing the bear was smelling was ignorance.  Just don’t get too close.


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Little House In Alaska

Alaska is a great frontier and such a beautiful state.  I

Cottage on A Lake, Alaska

Cottage on A Lake, Alaska

was very fortunate on my last trip to Denali to have clear weather and I got some great shots go McKinley.  This is a shot taken on one of side roads and it was just set up perfectly.  Little cottage on a lake with reflection and mountains in the back ground.


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Mt McKinley, Alaska

Mt. McKinley, Alaska

Alaska is an amazing state.  So many things to photograph. This is an image made right outside of Denali National Park and shows Mount McKinley which is usually obscured by clouds. I was fortunate enough to be in the Denali area for a few days of absolutely great weather. I have a few more of this magnificent mountain that I will publish in the future.

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The Stories This Plane Could Tell

Junked Plane, Alaska

This is an image I shot in Alaska. What a great and wonderful state to photograph in. There is a certain quirkiness found there. You drive down the roads and strange things just present themselves. On one of my trips to Denali I took a moment to shoot off to an old train museum.  Where else can I find rust and decay?  While I enjoyed shooting there, next door I found an airplane junk yard. And in this junk yard was just an old plane cockpit. I don’t know where the rest of the plane was, but this is the shot of the cockpit. Kind of has a lot to say.


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Dirty Glacier

Glacier in Alaska

Funny, I always thought that glaciers were supposed to be all white and nice looking.  Apparently not.  This is a glacier in Alaska.  I loved the dirt in the ice as well as the mountains in the background.  Glacier and ice just fascinate me.  They are ever changing and from all the glaciers I have sen in the last few years, they are disappearing fast.

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Mt. McKinley A Magnificent Sight

Mt. McKinley, Denali National PArk

There a re a few mountain peaks that grab big attention.  Peaks that you can see from far away.  Peaks that you are driving hours to get to you can see and it seems you are not getting any closer.  In Denali National Park there is a peak that hides itself behind clouds much of the time.  A few years ago while visiting one of my sons stationed at Fort Richardson and teaching  workshop I was able to get this shot.  Sunset at Denali.  I have a lot of other images from Denali too.  Grizzlies, a Lynx, mountain goes.  The place is a photographer paradise.


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