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Black Church

The Black Church in Iceland
The Blacl Church in Iceland

The Black Church in Iceland is famous.  It’s a small church sitting on a peninsula and unlike so many other churches, it is painted black.  There is a cemetery and the church and cemetery are surrounded by a stone wall.  It’s very picturesque and as a result, is also very cliched.  Every tourist has a photo of this church as well as a ton of photographers.  I have always endeavored to make locations like this look new and original.

I did this image with my Sony a7r iii and then took the image into my iPad and worked on it in a few apps to give it a different look.  I like the way it turned out and I made a nice small print of it too.

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Sometimes You Just Luck Out

Double Exposure. Silo City, Buffalo, NY

You have recently seen a number of images from my Silo City series.  Usually, I am shooting with one of my larger setups like a Sony or Nikon while at these locations.  However, I also do a lot of experimenting and I also use my iPhone and try out new apps.  The app this was made with is called Hipstamatic.  It allows for a different variety of double exposure looks.  I do these exposures in color and BW.  This was a color one of the grain silos from across the canal.  It just worked with the tug boats at the right spot as well as the soft look of the silos in the background.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Prepping For New Show Opening

I have been very busy since returning from Iceland. One of the projects I have working on is prepping the new body of work Beeing Square – Seeing Double that will debut on April 28-29 at my gallery in the Indianapolis. More details soon. This is one of the images.  The show will be at The Stutz Building in Indianapolis where I have a gallery and office.  On Friday and Saturday, there will be live entertainment, food, and fun.  Plus all artists in the building will have their doors open for visitors to view and purchase their work.   I’ll give more details as we get closer.

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The Water Plant

Sepia Toned

In Buffalo, NY there is a cool old turn of the 20th-century water plant.  It’s ana amazing structure and a privilege to shoot inside it.  I have been there many time and find all sorts of things to shoot as well as interesting compositions.  This image was made with my iPhone using an app that does double exposures. Lots of fun to shoot this way.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not.  That is also the fun.  This one I like a lot.  I made a sepia tone image and a regular one. Which one do you like best?

Non-toned image