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Black Church

The Black Church in Iceland
The Blacl Church in Iceland

The Black Church in Iceland is famous.  It’s a small church sitting on a peninsula and unlike so many other churches, it is painted black.  There is a cemetery and the church and cemetery are surrounded by a stone wall.  It’s very picturesque and as a result, is also very cliched.  Every tourist has a photo of this church as well as a ton of photographers.  I have always endeavored to make locations like this look new and original.

I did this image with my Sony a7r iii and then took the image into my iPad and worked on it in a few apps to give it a different look.  I like the way it turned out and I made a nice small print of it too.

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Merry Christmas

Indianapolis, Circle of lights

Merry Christmas from Debra and me.  This has been a strange and difficult year.  It’s one for the record books.  This is a Christmas for us with no family or friends.  Just the two of us, which frankly isn’t too bad.  I haven’t traveled since February, and for me, that is quite unusual.  I have a lot of ground and time to make up for so let’s hope 2021 is a better year than 2020 and I can back on the road and share new photos from my travel.  Please stay safe, and we will all be out of this in the next few months.