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Prepping For New Show Opening

I have been very busy since returning from Iceland. One of the projects I have working on is prepping the new body of work Beeing Square – Seeing Double that will debut on April 28-29 at my gallery in the Indianapolis. More details soon. This is one of the images.  The show will be at The Stutz Building in Indianapolis where I have a gallery and office.  On Friday and Saturday, there will be live entertainment, food, and fun.  Plus all artists in the building will have their doors open for visitors to view and purchase their work.   I’ll give more details as we get closer.

2 thoughts on “Prepping For New Show Opening

  1. Kevin:
    All your A9 pictures were taken indoors.
    What’s the viewfinder/monitor going to be like on a bright day in West Texas?

    1. The viewfinder looks great outdoors too. I’ll have a chance to do more shooting soon and a lot will be out doors. I’ll make a report.

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