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I love Arches National Park.  This park is close to Moab and the park and region around it offers great photo opportunities.  I Usually arrive at the park before sunrise and shoot for several hours during the morning light.  I return to town for breakfast and day excursions and then return late afternoon for sunset.  This shoot was made a few years ago.  Sadly on my last visit, much of the scrub like what I used in the foreground had been removed.  Even a tree I used in the past as a foreground was gone.  This, I am happy to have an image like this.  This was made with a Phase One IQ180 with a 28mm stopped down to f/22 for depth of field.  Luckily it worked or I would have had to do some focus stacking.  I can’t wait to go back to Moab, hopefully sometime this year.

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