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Woman In San Miguel

Woman Begging in San Miguel, Mexico

This has been an incredible week with the PODAS workshop.  I head home today only to leave on Wednesday for Scotland.  I tend to move around a lot.  One of the things that is fun to do is shoot what we photographers term street photography and San Miguel is perfect for this.  So much going on.  This shot was made near the ATM machine of a woman who is obviously begging.  You see this a lot in Mexico.  Sad.  I composed quickly got a few shots off and then made sure to give her some Pesos.  The power is the face, and out reached hand.  More images will be coning from this trip as I have time to work on them.

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  1. I love the image that you captured. But it is one heck of a downer because I cannot help but try and get into her mind a little. She looks completely defeated. This is photo is quite depressing although very powerful!

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