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Merry Christmas – Delicate LIght

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

Trees In Olympic National Park

I’ll keep this entry short as there is so much to do to get ready for the Raber Christmas Morning.  All of my boys are here with one wife and one significant other.  Going to be a fun day.  After gifts and a brunch I will start preparing the traditional (Raber) dinner of Beef Wellingtom, Potatoes, Waldorf Salad, String Bean Almonde, with a beautiful chocolate chip cake for dessert.

Todays picture was made in the Olympic National Park which is just beautiful.  Deep in the woods I found this tree and it was catching just a hint of the sunlight coming through.  Simple and works.  Shot with a Phase One P65+

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Something Other Than Rocks

Trees Near Moab, UT

On our last day in Moab we detoured and visited a new area.  While working our way up to an overlook we passed an area of fields where there was a forest fire a few years back.  This shot looking up the hill caught my eye.  what do you think?  Taken with the Phase One P65 and 110mm lens.

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Zion Cliffs and Trees

Zion National Park - Cliffs and Trees

As I talked about earlier this week, Zion National Park allows for some great photography.  A lot of it is that there are cliffs and the floor of Zion is bordered by steep hills and cliff.  There is no true sky horizon.  This shot illustrates how well the trees contrast against the cliff.  Taken with a Phase One P45+ with a 150mm lens.

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Zion Trees

Zion National Park - Trees

I love shooting tress and this shot was done in Zion National Park.  Shot with a Phase One P45+ camera and a 150mm lens it brings out all the color and contrast to make the pine trees stand out.  If you ever get a chance to visit Zion do so after October 31st.  This park is most beautiful in early November or after a fresh coating of light snow.

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Painted Tree

So, some nights when I have nothing to do I sit on the couch, put on some TV show and pick up my iPad.  Last night I did just that and played with an APP on my iPad – Paintit Show.  This is a slick app by Corel and all you do is load your images, select a style and away it goes.  Lots of fun to watch and results are nice.  This is one of the many I did last night that I like the best.  Originally shot with a P65+ of a gum tree in Ormiston Gorge, Australia.

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Tree - Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park

Yes, this is a tree with a bit of fun thrown in. This was shot on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park in Washington. The trees are very wind blown on the ridge and the weather wears them down to very interesting and twisted objects. I have playing with taking images and flipping them to see how they work. This I think works very nicely. The shot was made with a wide angle lens to accentuate the look. Then flipped in post processing and tinted.