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Something Other Than Rocks

Trees Near Moab, UT

On our last day in Moab we detoured and visited a new area.  While working our way up to an overlook we passed an area of fields where there was a forest fire a few years back.  This shot looking up the hill caught my eye.  what do you think?  Taken with the Phase One P65 and 110mm lens.

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Moab Week Over

Needles Area - UT

It’s been quite the week in Moab, UT. Shooting with friends and the highest resolution camera on the planet. Phase One just started shipping the NEW IQ180 digital camera back. The detail from this device is amazing. The user interface is all touch sensitive with a very cool new feature called focus confirmation. It is so cool to shoot a photo and see it on a huge screen the size of an iphone. Touch a spot and instantly see focus confirmed. Then once you get the images into Capture One you see detail that you can’t believe. Today’s image is a wide angle shot done with a P65+ back on a ALPA camera with a 23mm lens. The detail is astounding.  Look for more Moab images in the coming weeks.

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Moab Continues

Windows Arches National Park

Wow, What a few days we have been having in Moab. A lot of nice images but many need to be edited and worked on a bit. We have been going non-stop and this is our last day. Slept in this morning as I don’t think I could have crawled out of bed another morning at Stupid-O’clock. Here is an image taken the first day at Windows. P65+ was the camera. Arches National Park.

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Moab Report

Arches National Park - Windows

It’s been a good few days of photography.  We have been shooting with the new IQ 180 cameras and they are really something to work with. Features and an interface unlike any other camera. You’ll see more on this soon. This is a shot from Monday morning. Sorry the posts have been delayed, very busy shooting and bad internet connection. This was shot and one of the many arches in Arches National Park. It’s called windows and I shot ti from a number of angles and as the sun came up. On one of these trips you have to be willing to do a lot of early mornings. If you like to sleep then landscape photography might not be you gig.

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Moab Black & White

Arches National Park, Utah

Since we begin our Moab adventure today I thought I would share a stitched image from last year. Arches are what Arches National Park are famous for. There a ton of arches to shoot. This one was shot at sunset with long shadows and beautiful warm light. The color image is spectacular but so is this B&W. Enjoy. More coming. Photographed with the P65+ And shot in vertical format and stitched in PhotoShop. Don’r forget on any images I post you can click on them to get a larger view, and even in some cases click again to see even more detail. Use the back button on your navigator to return to the blog.

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Moab Here We Come

Moab, UT Area - Canyon Lands

Are any of you watching Peter Lik’s photography show on the Weather Channel?  He shoots with a Phase One camera and it’s great to see our cameras being used by a shooter like Peter.  Last night his show was on Arches which is essentially where my friends and I are headed.  It draws you back for more images.  So here’s a shot from last year.  I think it was done from Dead Horse overlook or something like that.  I haven’t had my coffee yet and I am about to run for the airport.  Enjoy and stay tuned.

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Off To Moab

Moab, UT

For the next week I’ll be shooting with friends in Moab, UT.  This a beautiful area of the southwest with hundreds of possibilities for great shots.  All of us on this trip have been there before so this trip we will try to explore areas not usually visited by others.  The goal is to make a lot of non-cliched images.  What’s unique about this adventure is we will be shooting with the IQ180 digital back from Phase One.  That’s right 80 megapixels.  That’s 480 megabytes per shot.  Amazing detail that has to be seen.  We (Phase One) start shipping these backs to our dealers worldwide today.  The designer of these new backs and inventor of them will be shooting with us so he can see how the back performs.  What other company sends their head engineer out to try out and test their product.  There will be lots of news about the new back next week.  Wired MAgazine will have a review by Tuesday as will Luminous Landscape with others to follow.  I’ll post links here on my blog as they appear.  Today’s image was shot in Moab a year ago.  I’ll post some teasers each day until I have fresh ones I can share.  Stay tuned it will be a big week.