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You Can See For Miles

You Can See For Miles, near Moab, UT

This is hot from one of the many overlooks in Canyonlands National Park, UT. I love exploring this area and it is only a short trip from Moab. If you hit it right and catch storms in the background, you’ll be blessed with incredible light and clouds. I hit it on a lucky day.  Shot with an IQ camera on a ALPA Camera.


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Dead Trees Moab

Dead Trees In A Field, Moab, UT

I love traveling the back roads.  So, after shooting to my hearts content in Moab, I decided it was time to travel some back roads.  These involved crossing over a few small mountains.  This field we found doing this trip and the sun was beginning to set giving nice light.  Shot with an IQ180 this image is super sharp and has great color tonal range.

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La Sal Mountains near Moab

La Sal Mountains, Utah

On a trip to Moab with a number of my photographer friends we took a four wheeler ride to the top of some very rocky hill and at the end we were given a contrasting and dramatic view of the La Sal Mountains that are quite visible from Moab.  I like the way the foreground contrast with the distant mountains.  Shot with a Phase One IQ180.


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A Different View

Canyonlands area near Moab, UT

This is a shot of the Canyonlands outside of Moab.  This is a pretty typical shot and a lot of people could take this shot.  Fortunately for me that day this storm rolled in and I was shooting from the same height as the storm and thus I had these cool grey clouds on the top of my image yet sunshine in the canyon.  This is one of a series of very dramatic pictures taken during a 15 minute window of the storm.  Sometimes you get your best pictures in not so desirable condition.


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On My Way

Well the day has finally come.  By the time you read this I will be on my way to Oregon for my oldest sons wedding  How cool is that.  I am very proud of what he has accomplished.  A dedicated soldier in Army SF he has seen and done more than most of will ever do in a lifetime.  He is marrying one of the nicest person I know and I know they will be very happy.  This will be the first time in many years that my whole family will be together.  My three sons, their mom and lots or relatives.  It should be a great weekend.  To start the weekend off here is another BW image from Moab.  Shot with a Phase One P65+ on an APLA camera.