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Bringing Home Breakfast

I have been in Naples, FL the last few days.  It’s been a fun time and a chance to relax a bit (sort of).  Today the family went for a boat ride.  We came across an Osprey nest on a channel marker.  We got as close as we could and as we did so dad came home with a fish for his baby as mom looked on.  Kind of cool to see.  This was shot with a Sony a6500 which I was testing with a 70-200mm G-master zoom.

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Grand Central Station

While in New York recently I spent some time in Grand Central Station.  You can spend hours there.  There is so much going on and there is an amazing restaurant food court underneath.  I did a lot of panoramas while there.  I wanted to catch the immensity of the location.  I also worked a lot to get images for my seeing double, being square project.  Here is one of the Panos I did, converted to BW.  Shot with the Sony a6500.

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Meet Jupiter

I never thought I would be a cat person.  Then about 5 years ago Pixel picked me as her human.  Wasn’t looking yo be a cat human but she insisted.  Pixel is an amazing and magical cat.  Hard to describe her except she is different and beautiful.  A month or so ago Debra decided that she wanted to replace a cat that had died recently.   So, we went cat shopping at Jupiter picked us.  He’s a boy, not afraid of anything and loves to play.  He loves hanging with his humans and cuddles with us a lot.  He’s going to be a cool cat. The photo says it all.