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Double Exposure

Pipe Organ Double Exposure, Iceland
Pipe Organ Double Exposure, Iceland

I published a church photo from Icelanda few days ago.  This is a shot I made inside the church.  Using the double exposure feature in the Hipstamatic program I played around with doing double exposures.  I’d shoot one and then look at the subject and tried to envision how it would look on top of the image previously shot.  I did a number of images of the pipe organ and keyboard of the organ.  This is one of the shots.  Made with the iPhone.

2 thoughts on “Double Exposure

  1. Looks interesting! I have to take a closer look at the Hipstamatic program, I don’t know it.

  2. Today is my first time on your sight and leaving anything as a reply. This picture is very interesting, I’ll be back for sure.
    Keep shooting which I’m sure you will.
    Also how dose one submit Images to this sight as well as Luminous sight?

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