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South Georgia Island Black and White

I have so many images I’m working on from the South Georgia – Antarctica trip.  This is a Pano shot converted into BW.  I shot 10 separate exposures and stitched these together in Photoshop and then converted to Black and white in Silver EFX Pro.  I was hiking around this portion of the landing we were on and then came over a ridge only to see this inlet and glacier and a plain below leading up to it.  Just magnificent.  I took a seat on a big rock and just looked at this scene before deciding it worked best as s stitched image.  I’ll be making a large print of this soon.  Shot with a Fuji XT-2 and 18-55mm lens.

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  1. Hello, Kevin. I came across your blog upon looking for articles on new X1D camera, which I have pre-ordered it here in Korea. I noticed that you took it to Antarctica, and I was wondering how it was like with its 90mm lens. I know telephoto lenses are helpful in those type of conditions.. I’ve been to many parts of the world like that, but not Antarctica yet. I am a traveling photographer myself and I plan to do a long south america trip next year, and I hope to touch upon the area at the end of that trip. But since I’ll be a rugged traveler on a budget, I don’t think I can carry around a canon and their big telephoto lenses. I plan to take x1d and I was wondering if those 2 or 3 lenses Hasselblad currently offers were good enough for that kind of trip. Anyhow, enjoyed your images. Keep up the good work!

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