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Sunset In Iceland

Sunset in Iceland
Sunset in Iceland


Iceland is where photographers go when they die.  It’s a beautiful landscape and light never stops giving.  Sunsets and sunrises are special every day.  as a photographer, you don’t get much sleep in Iceland because there is so much to see.  This sunset with the moon was made one evening after a hike up a mountain.  The whispy clouds, sunset color, and moon make it simply work.

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The Magic Of Iceland

Iceland is a magical and special place for me. I stared visiting Iceland in 2004 before it was even on an instagram or tourist radar. Now the country thrives on the tourism income but is has made the place very crowded. There are still magical places to visit and I know a lot of them. This os one of those. It was amde after a short climb and then waitig for the light. The whispy clouds, sunset and moon rise all made a speacial shot.

I am planning on offering tours to Ic3land again in 2021. Information will be on Rockhopperworkshops. Check out the site for other locations and dates forupcoming workshops.

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Goðafoss Falls – Iceland

Iceland is one of my favorite places to visit on the planet.  I have been visiting Iceland since 2005.  A lot has changed in Iceland mainly tied to the increase in tourism.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible beauty. Iceland has so many amazing places to photograph.  There are dozens of  waterfalls.  This image is one of them.  This location is far from the normal tourist traffic so usually it is not so crowded.  If you arrive early no one else should be there and you ahve this location to yourself.  The name of this waterfall is Goðafoss falls.

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Back From Iceland


I am now back in the office and in catch up mode.  The Luminous-Landscape workshop I just finished running in Iceland was a success.  I did this workshop with my long time friend Daniel Bergmann who is one of the premier guides for Iceland.  He is also a great photographer and wildlife expert.

Iceland has gotten quite crowded with tourists over the last several years.  While this is good for the country economically it is a burden on many visitors as there are now so many people.  On our trips, we won’t even go near the tourist spots.  Too many buses and crazy people.  Instead, we travel to the remote and more picturesque areas of Iceland that tourists don’t visit.   This year we visited some places I haven’t visited before.  The bottom line if I came home with a ton of nice images.  Some of which I share below.

I used a Fuji XT2 with a wide variety of lenses to capture these photos.

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Final Iceland Workshop Images


The Iceland 2017 Winter Workshop is over. My apologies for not posting more images while it was taking place. We were shooting non-stop from dawn to sunset, doing dinner and sometimes out looking for Northern Lights. Wasn’t much time at the end of the day. So, here’s the final selects for now. The workshop was fantastic. I am going to do more small group workshops in the future. It allowed us to do so much more. The group was the best and they all had talent and great eyes for composition. The summer workshop is almost sold out so if you want to see Iceland sign up today. I will not be doing any Iceland tours in 2018. Thank you, Daniel Bergmann my friend and the best guide in Iceland.

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Luminous-Landscape Iceland Workshop Days 4 & 5

Day 4 & 5 of the Luminous-Landscape Winter Iceland workshop.  Weather changed a bit as to be expected.  Extremely high winds came in and that made photography challenging.  We haven’t had real good light for sunrises or sunsets the past few morning but we are out there anyway.  With the kind of lighting we were challenged with went withB&W for a number of today’s photos. We are here until next Thursday and have waterfalls on today’s agenda.  More coming. A number of clients on this trip have been with me before on workshops.  Always good to see and photograph with friends.

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Luminous-Landscape Iceland Workshop Day 3

Day 3 of the Iceland Luminous-Landscape workshop with Daniel Bergmann. Today there are only 3 images. We woke up to snow, rain and low visibility. We went out anyway (because that is what you do in Iceland) got to the location we were going to shoot and you couldn’t see the mountain. Went to get a cup of coffee and then all of a sudden like it does in Iceland the rain and snow stopped and we could see the mountain. We had fun taking photos for an hour and then the wind picked up and it down poured. Typical Iceland weather. It rained the rest of the day so we worked on images. One of the images is a 10 exposure stitch and the other 2 are just straight shots. It was a black and white kind of day. More tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying these.

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Luminous-Landscape Iceland Workshop Day 2

Absolutely amazing is all I can say for the last 48 hours.  I have been to Iceland dozens of times and I can’t remember the last time I shot so much in such a short period.  Weather helps and we have been blessed with great weather.  All that is supposed to change by tomorrow. We did an ice cave, glacier walk, glacier canyon, and more bergs on the beach.  The group is small and allows us to do more together as a group.  Great people with us on this trip.  Lots of fun.  More tomorrow.

Because someone asked.  All images have been shot on a Sony a7r II with various G-Master lenses.