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Time For Some Rust Again

Steam Engine Restoration, Indiana

So many images.  I now have quite a library stacking up for the daily blog here.  Thought I would change it up today and put some rust back into the blog.  Close by where I live  there is a transpiration museum and the place has a ton of old train cars in various rates of disrepair and well as restoration and completed cars that are restored.  I love wandering this place and also visiting the train shop where the work is done.  This is shot is of an old locomotive that is being restored. I have kind of enhanced it a bit and made it somewhat vintage looking to add to the overall feel.

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Ice and Ice

Ice, Near Mt Cook, New Zealand

Seems I am getting a reputation of being an ice photographer.  I really like ice.  Unlike other landscapes ICE melts.  So what you shoot today may not be there tomorrow.  I shot a load of nice ice images in New Zealand.  This one drew me in and I had the driver of the boat I was in drive around this mini iceberg until I found the right angle.  The day was heavy clouds and many people think you can’t shoot good images on cloudy day.  Quite the contrary.  See how the clouds add a dynamic to the image.  Over all I really like this shot.  Hope you do too.

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Some More New Zealand Water and Trees

River, Rees Valley, New Zealand

I moved my New Zealand images over to my main work station yesterday and there is over 80 gigs of images.  Not hard to make this size file when you shoot with a Phase One IQ180 camera.  So now the editing begins and then the post on each image.  There are so many good ones.  So I think through the rest of the year I’ll plenty to share.  I have a ton of other images I haven’t posted here from Death Valley, Moab and other places.  So, there is not a lack of content.  Todays image was also shot in the Rees Valley of New Zealand.  We were driving up this dirt road that they call tracks in New Zealand and came across this river or very large stream.  Lots of rapids and mountains and greenish water.  So we all stopped and did pictures.  This is one of the images I made.  Like the vertical and horizontal movements happening as well as the rooks and tree.  Enjoy.

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New Zealand Waterfall

Waterfall, Rees Valley, New Zealand

Hi, I am back to regular postings again.  after enduring 34 hours of travel time to get back from Australia and throwing in another 6 hours for the trip from New Zealand to Sydney I am happy to be home and in my own bed.  A 21 day trip is a long one but oh what a trip.  I have enough images from this trip and others this year to keep me extremely busy working on images and making prints.  So, there are plenty of images for my daily blog.  Today’s image was shot in the Rees Valley of New Zealand where many of the Lord of The Rings movies were made.  Small waterfall with trees.  Shot with a Phase One 80 megapixel IQ180 on an ALPA Camera.

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Mt. Cook and Coming Home

Mt. Cook, Sunrise, New Zealand

Well as you may have noticed I have not been the dutiful in posting an image a day. One reason is that PODAS kept me me so busy there was no spare time. Also, internet connections have not been good. I have enough images to fill an album from this trip so once I am home the posting will continue in regularity. This image was taken at sunrise at Mount Cook, in New Zealand. Look more of Mt Cook, icebergs and beautiful landscapes. It has been a terrific trip,, I start home today leaving around 4PM for a flight to Sydney. Spend an overnight then travel for nearly 27 hours to get home. I start in Sydney fly to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Detroit and finally detroit to Indianapolis. That’s a lot of hours closed into a flying steel tube. I have an iPad filled with magazines, newspapers, and movies and shows. I’ll occupy myself and get through it. So starting next week the blog will be more regular, I’ll b home in my own bed and

is right around the corner. More later.


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