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Nyhaven – Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhaven, Copenhagen, Denmark

There is this area in Copenhagen that in the old days used to be a rough area and typical of the wharfs of cities.  But a while back this area was revitalized to be a popular destination.  Known as Nyhaven it is a harbor where ships tie up.   Now all the store fronts are restaurants and bars and outdoor cafes.  It is a great place to visit, very colorful, in many ways and lots to do.  I decided to try something new and get very creative.   This is a different kind of view of Nyhaven.  let me know what you think.

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A Beautiful Day In Copenhagen

Little girl and fountain, Copenhagen, Denmark

When it is nice – it is really nice in Copenhagen.  Today was an extraordinary day.  After a long flight I  explored the city with a work colleague and then after a nap I went out shooting.  This image I love.  Little girl running excited about the fountain.  You can read a lot into it.  Shot with an iPhone hipstamatic.


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Off To Copenhagen

The Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

I am off to Copenhagen today through JFK.  I have a busy week doing a number of different things while in Denmark,   I will be prepping the launch for the 2013 PODAS workshop series as well as meeting with internal depts. and some special customers.  Should have some cool shots of Copenhagen to share along the way.  This image was made in the Round Tower.  A cool place to visit.  Back in the old days the King made this so he could drive his carriage to the highest point in Copenhagen and view his kingdom.  I have walked up this path to the top and all I can say is poor horse.  I do love the light and how it plays with the walls and arches.

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You Gotta Love A Good SAle

Block Head Marketing, Copenhagen, DK

I travel a lot and one of my favorite things to do is to walk the city streets and do street photography.  One of my favorite cities for doing this is Copenhagen.  It’s a great city that is alive and offers amazing photo opps.  This is a shot I made outside a store and shows their unique way of merchandising.  I bet the sale they had was a big success.  This is real block head marketing.

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Entrance To Tivoli, The place that inspired Disney

As I said in my last entry I was headed to Copenhagen.  Well, I am in Copenhagen and I have been pretty slammed with meetings and such.  A lot to cram into a week at Phase One.  So, postings have been nonexistent but I will catch up.  So, other than a mermaid sitting on a rock what other iconic places are there in Copenhagen?  Tivoli of course.

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Made It To Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Nyhavan canal

Well, I made it to Copenhagen today.  Didn’t get bumped up to business class on this trip, so I rode with the folks in the back. Made it though, but tired and have been suffering all day to stay awake so I could get a real solid nights sleep and wake up on the new time some tomorrow. I’ll be at the Phase One offices for this week in meetings and doing planning for upcoming PODAS workshops. The week will go fast. To help alleviate my jet lag I took a photo walk about this afternoon. Cold day but the sun was peeking through the clouds so I got a few good images. Took a break halfway and enjoyed an Irish Coffee. Copenhagen is such a civilized city. This is a shot of the canal in Nyhavan, where there is usually a big party going on. The place in the summer is solid with people and outdoor cafes. Not today. I’ll have more Denmark pictures as the week goes forth.

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Gritty Denmark

Nyhaven, Copenhagen

One of the most visited areas in Copenhagen, Denmark used to be one of the grittiest.  It’s known as Nyhaven an area where all the ships and seedy bars used be.  Now it is the main tourist destination.  I tried to put a little grit back into one of the more colorful areas of Copenhagen.

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The Danish Royal Guard

Danish Royal Guard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Well I am back from Denmark and editing images and doing a lot of catch up on a lot of different things.  I leave again on Thursday so I have lots to do.  Because of my recent shoulder surgery I still can’t  lift anything heavy so I was restricted to iPhone images on this trip.  I shot with the iPhone, then with PhotoStream part of the NEW IOS5 of Apple the images showed up on all my other devices,  I then edited the images on my iPad. This is one image from a whole bunch that you will see in coming weeks.  This was done at the queens house in Copenhagen.

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Land Of The Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I am in Denmark the land of the little mermaid.  It has been a very busy week at Phase One.  I have been in non-stop meetings plus helping with Chinese visitors.  All in all a very positive week with a plan for the next few years for PODAs and some other great things.  I start home on Saturday and look forward to getting back.  This will be short lived though as I prepare to leave gain on Thursday for ten days in Death Valley leading PODAS photography workshop there for Chinese photographers.  Once I am domestic I’ll try to post on a regular basis.  So, I am back.  enjoy this shot.  Taken on a very foggy morning in Copenhagen on Thursday.