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Fireworks In Carmel

July 4th Carmel, Indiana

July 4th Carmel, Indiana

I have shot hundreds of fireworks shows and frankly I was getting kind of tired of the same old stuff. Then I started this project called Around Carmel and thought it would be cool to have the Perfroming Arts Center in the foreground of a picture with fireworks going off all over. A few phone calls later I found myself on the rooftop of the Tarkington building with one of the best locations in town to see the fireworks. It was a perfect place to shoot and I came out with a lot of good images. The one above is one of those.

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Happy Car

Happy Car, Carmel, Car Show, Indiana

Happy Car, Carmel, Car Show, Indiana

This is just a fun shot. Made at the auto show that is right up the street from my house. I love shooting all the cars and trying to find unique angles and clever shots. Sometimes I shoot the engine, or the light paying on the curves of the car body. But, this one just looked fun.

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Red car

As with some other recently posted images this is another shot at the Carmel, Auto show.  I tried looking for a shot where I could use color and one element of the car.  I ended up with a number of good candidates, but this one I choose to publish first.   This shot I aimed the camera straight down and caught a bit of my reflection (which was cool) but more of the perfect paint job, pure red and the running light.  It just feels good.

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The Front End

Mercury Grill, Carmel, IN

Once again another cool shot from the car show.  Trying to get a different angle I used the iPhone and Hipstamatic to create this shot and framed it from a top down view.  I saw reflections and some very handsome geometry going on and this I got this image.

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Fun At A Car Show

Headlight On A Classic Car

Once a year the Arts District where I live (Carmel, IN) holds a classic car show.  It is a big draw and a lot of fun to see all the cool cars that are on display.  Like all things in Carmel, it has a certain charm and small town feel.  I love going to see what I can find to take pictures of.  I look for different angles and views that are typical snapshots.  Nothing new with that but I love cars with their curves and angles.  So here is the first image.  I’ll post more soon.

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Stormy Palladium

The Palladium, Carmel, IN

Everyone knows the Palladium in Carmel, In.  It’s part of the Perfroming Arts Center complex.  The other day we had these magnificent clouds and I decided to give it a shot.  Came up with this BW and a few good color images.  I’ll publish some color images later this week.  I like the look of the sturdy building with the storm clouds behind it.  It was done with five exposures blended together on PhotoMatix and HDR program used to blend different exposures together.  Fun stuff but can be too overused.  I n a case like this it works great.

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Fun With The iPhone

Performing Arts Center, Carmel, IN

This image was shot yesterday.  The building is the Carmel (indiana) Perform Arts Center or Palladium as it is known.  It’s a big new building that is quite nice and very expensive.  None the less I have fun shooting it.  On the way back from the store I pulled in and did a quick pano with my iPhone.  Assembled it and like magic with PhotoStream it was on my iPad.  I then worked the image a bit in a couple of apps to come up with this.  Just a fun day and a bit of fun time messing around.

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Seeing Different

Old Man Statue - Carmel, IN

I am still recovering from the rotator cuff injury and the most frustrating thing is I can’t lift a camera.   I am going out for a drive today to shoot and I will use my iPhone.  The picture above was shot with an iPhone and then jazzed up a bit on my iPad.  It’s of a statue ( community art) in my town Carmel, IN.  It’s just a fun shot showing how with cropping and some playing with camera angle you can come up with an unusual shot.

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Sports Car Dashboard

Here’s another image made at the car show this weekend.  It’s of a dashboard of a sports car.  Worked it a bit on the iPad.

There may be a few days without posts.  I am headed in for shoulder and knee surgery tomorrow and expect to be somewhat incapacitated for a few days.  I’m sure it will all be fine but time to get these injuries fixed.  Back to you soon.


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