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Woman Begging

Woman on the street San Miguel, Mexico
Woman on the street San Miguel, Mexico

This is a controversial image made in San Miguel, Mexico.  It’s not uncommon there to find women begging on the street like this.  It’s hard to take and see.  The image has gotten criticism because some people thought I was exploiting the woman or not showing repeat.  My answer is as a photographer I document things.  Good and bad and try to tell a story.  This picture tells a thousand stories and say a lot.  The face makes the shot.  WHat kind of stories could she tell us?  What is her story?  If the picture makes you stop and think, then mission accomplished.

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  1. It certainly makes you think, just like when I walk past an impoverished old person carrying plastic bags down the street here. It reminds us that a little humility is what we need, but often lack. Your photograph is wonderful, and really captures the woman’s situation. It shouldn’t be controversial.

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