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Tree In Pond In Maine

Tree on shore of a pond, Bar Harbor, ME
Tree on shore of a pond, Bar Harbor, ME

Just about two weeks ago I was working with Phase One doing a workshop in Bar Harbor, ME.  Bar Harbor is a beautiful location and sit just outside Acadia National Park.  The workshop group did an early morning shoot.  The shoot took place on a pond and the group seemed to be glued to one spot.  I decided to take a walk and in doing so I found this old tree on the shore of the pond.  I messed around with the angles and finally lying down on the rock I got the angle as seen in this image.  Once I looked at it on the computer I worked it a bit balancing out exposures of foreground and background to achieve the image shown here.

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  1. I really like that shot. The more I looked at it I see a seal on a log. The highest part of the log looks like the head of a seal.

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