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Sunset In The Neighborhood

Debra and I were out to dinner the other night.  Upon leaving the restaurant we were blasted with this magnificent sunset.  Giant clouds and the whole sky was lit up.  The chase was on as we rushed towards home to find a good spot to shoot.  The problem with living where we are is that there are building and trees everywhere so it’s hard to get a good shot without wires and building.  Lucky for us the sunset continued for a while and we pulled into our neighborhood.  There is a lake and a building we affectionately call the Pyramids in our neighborhood.  I always have a camera in the car so I got and went to take this shot.  The camera is the Fuji X100F.  Fast and easy to use and it gave me a great image.  Just to be safe I did take one on my iPhone.  My wife got a lovely image too with hers being lower to the water.  It’s not too often we see sunsets like this.

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