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Sunday Drive Franfort, IN

Old Train Yard, Frankfort, IN
Old Train Yard, Frankfort, IN

Every now and then my friend Debra and I get in the car on a Sunday morning and decide if we are going to go North, South East or West. Once decided we head off to that direction with the ipad for mapping and we target backroads and small towns. We are looking for the unusual, the abandoned, the rusty and the interesting people that present themselves alone the way. There is a lot of “did you see that?”, or “stop”, “turn around”. Last Sunday was a gold mine for us as we visited a few towns within driving distance of home. This image was made a gigantic train yard that has seen its better days in Franfort, IN. This old abandoned train round house. I like this image as it kind of shows loneliness and the clouds and BW treatment add to the drama.  More images will be coming form this train yard.

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