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Sorry, It’s Been A While – Scotland

Scotland Magical Light and Color
Scotland Magical Light and Color

Wow, I fel bad.  I have tried to make a post everyday if possible and I have failed recently.  Between extensive traveling and the Holidays, I just plain ran out of hours.  well all that is behind me for new and I am going to try to get back on track.  Also, I am working on a new look for this blog, so soon I hope you’ll see a new look.

Todays image was taken in Scotland.  we were driving to one of the locations to shoot a castle and we saw this amazing light and fog happening.  So, we pulled off the road and shot away.  I like this as you can see the low clouds, water and color of the fall.  We had amazing light during the trip and got some incredible images.  I was warned that it was Scotland and we could have a week of rain.  We were quite fortunate.



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