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Scotland 2012How do you describe what it is like to be a photographer in Scotland.  It’s an amazing place and almost every time you turn your head you find a scene worth photographing.  Being there this past fall we had great color and great light as can be seen in this stunning shot.  This is one of the classic places to shoot in Scotland.  Water, cold and a mountain.

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  1. I’ve loved seeing the images from around the world, but particularly Scotland. I moved from there in early 2002 and know almost all of the locations you shot. I miss the week ends away from the city, rambling through the mountains and stopping to shoot beautiful scenes or just sit and drink from a warm flask whilst soaking it all in. Literally. It rains and it rains a lot! It looks like you were really fortunate with the weather. But even the misty rainy days offer spectacular images. Thanks for the postings!
    Dave McRitchie
    Capture Integration

  2. This is really nice.

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