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Pilgrimage – Mexico

Hall in a church during a pilgrimage

While on my recent trip in Mexico we got a rare opportunity to visit a church in a small village.  Daniel Ortiz our local attendee with us knew the priest at this church and obtained permission for us to photograph in the back of the church where most people never go.  The church was holding a pilgrimage and there were a thousand men there for the week praying and being part of the event.  I have a lot of images that are really nice and will be sharing them here over time.  This image though I liked.  The detail in it blown up large is so sharp.  I used an IQ 180 camera to shoot it so it better bee with 80 mega pixels.  This was a hall that I stumbled upon by accident and it just blew me a way.  All these men bring a bed roll and a small chair and sleep in hals like this. Here they are shown relaxing after a lunch.  The time exposure of 10 seconds make it interesting as some people are moving and appear very ghost like and others are still.  The hallway while it looks nice and bright here was very dim and dull.

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