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Big Iceberg

Ahhh…Antarctica…..I have a love for this place. It’s a life changing environment with natural beauty and a light unlike any other place on earth. It’s a dynamic environment, especially for photographers. It can’t be clichéd. An image taken one day won’t be there the next. This iceberg was huge. I have hundreds of iceberg images. This one stands out. You can’t imagine the size of some of these. They are as big as cities they float aimlessly around the oceans and eventually melt away or break into smaller pieces. So, you take one of these beasts and then throw light on it and you get images like this.


2 thoughts on “Berg

  1. Nice one Kevin. Such size and grace these icebergs have. I am so looking forward to getting there in November….best

  2. i love this shot. modern art. nature made. great capture. lovely contrasts….nice color pallet.

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