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Scotty’s Staircase

Scotty's Castle Staircase, Death Valley, CA

Scotty’s Castle Staircase, Death Valley, CA

On one of my visits to Death Valley I visited Scotty’s Castle.  This is a pretty cool castle located in the middle of the desert.  Really hard to believe some guy a hundred years ago built a place like this.  This image was made lying on my back and shooting straight up the circular staircase.  Then I messed with it in pst processing.

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Death Valley Sunset

Sunset In Death VAalley

Sunset In Death VAalley

Sometimes the light gods watch over you. This image was made on a trip back from Beatty, NV. This is a small town of about a 1000 people living in the absolute middle of no where. More on Beatty in another post sometime. As I was returning to Death Valley I looked west and saw these clouds. I pushed it and crested the top of the mountain and looked down in the valley back to Furnace Creek and this is what I was greeted with. It was made with a 28mm lens on an IQ180 Phase One camera. Sometimes you just luck out.

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Pah Head Billy

Pan Head Billy

Pan Head Billy

While photographing in Death Valley I visited the Artist Pallet are to shoot sunset.  There on the side of the road was this motorcycle guy leaning back on his bike watching the mountains light up in all the magic they do.  I went p to take pictures and I started talking to this guy.  Turns out he has been cruising the highways for 17 years.  everything he owns or needs is packed on the back of this bike.   I asked if he would pose for some shots and he was more than cooperative.  This is the result of the shot.  I did some post work on this image in Photoshop to make it a bit different.

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Death Valley Sunrise Take 121

Dunes Area Sunrise, Death Valley

Sunrises, what a way to start the day.  The light is so dynamic and ever changing.  On the workshops I lead we get up for sunrises everyday.  No one complains as after a beautiful sunrise your day is a bit different in a very good way.  This one was shot a few weeks ago in Death Valley in the Dunes area.

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Sunset At Devils Golf Course

Sunset At Devils Golf Course, Death Valley, CA

Another splendid day in Death Valley leads to this great shot. Sometimes it just works. This is just a small version, but it was shot on an ALPA camera with a Phase One IQ 180 back with a 23mm lens. I want to work this image more when I get home.

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Death Valley Dunes

The Dunes, Death Valley

This has been a fantastically great trip for spectacular images. We have had good light and good weather and it has been a pleasure making new friends from China. Seems photographers from all over the world like the same things. This shot was done at the Dunes in Death Valley at dawn. When the dunes light up it is a blast as you keep seeing things you want to shoot.

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Live From Death Valley

In The Death Valley Dunes

I have had a very busy week and there are still a few busy days left, as I host photographers from China in Death Valley at the Phase One PODAS photography workshop. (wow, that was a long sentence) We have been having great time shooting away and seeing such beautiful sights. This image was shot Thursday morning in the dunes area. I have lots more so expect more to come. Juts been too busy to post regally. To follow our adventure visit THE PODAS BLOG BY CLICKING HERE

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Roller Skates In The Desert

Roller Skate In The Desert, Nevada outside of Death Valley National Park

So, I am not one to always post pretty and dramatic images.  Sometimes I will post the strange and different. Todays’ image is of a roller skate found in the middle of the desert while walking around, literally in the middle of now where. How did it get there?  Where is the other one?  What happened here?  It’s not everyday you just find a roller skate in the desert.

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Road To Death Valley

Approaching Storm Death Valley

For the next 9 days I’ll be in Death Valley leading a Phase One PODAS photography workshop. I love these and I love Death Valley. On Friday on the drive from Vega to Death Valley I drove through so rare but intense storms. This shot is of one of the approaching storms. Makes for some dramatic clouds and such. I’ll try to post all Death Valley images this week. Some may be a bit different as yesterday I went out exploring and found some very peculiar things. Wait and see.

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Off To Death VAlley

Sunrise, Death Valley, Stove Pipe Dunes

It seems I only unpacked my bags from Denmark.  Now I am in bag packing mode again.  Camera gear is all set and I am shipping it today to Death Valley where I will be for the next ten days leading a group of Chinese photographers on a PODAS workshop.  This will be a fun trip and present a few language challenges.  However, I have worked a lot with the Chinese in the last year and they are very nice.  I hope to show them the real beauty of Death Valley and some of my special spots there.  Starting next week look for some images from the trip and you can always catch up on daily activities at the PODAS BLOG.


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