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The Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox, Svalbard, Norway
Arctic Fox, Svalbard, Norway

It’s nice to be back home.  I have spent the last three weeks with Peter Cox and Morton Jørgensen cruising the Svalbard area with 2 workshop groups.  We were on the prow for wildlife and great landscapes. Overall on both workshops we have a mission accomplished.  We had the chance to photograph Polar Bears, Walrus, many birds, whales, glaciers and as in this image above Arctic Fox.  The Arctic Fox is a hearty animal having to live in Arctic Conditions for most of the year.  For the winter months it is a pure white animal and then in the summer months it sheds it coat and looks pretty much like the image above until late August when it grows its winter coat back.  I had the chance to photograph this fox on two occasions in the last few weeks.   I have quite a few beautiful images from the few hours spent with this fox and its brother.  Look for more soon.

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