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Old Gas Station

Yellow Gas Station, Ontario, Canada
Yellow Gas Station, Ontario, Canada

Once more we were driving around and we stopped for gas. We are out in the real rural area of Ontario Canada. The gas station is a gift shop, garage, ice cream store and a general place to meet for the locals. I loved the color and was attracted by the colored chairs out front. So, I grabbed the camera and did some images. All shot in 5 exposure bracket mode. I knew I wanted to really punch and exaggerate the colors. I processed the image in Capture One and then used NIK HDR to blend the images together until I found a combination that I liked.  I am not a super big fan of HDR especially when you can tell it was an HDR but in this case it works.  What do you think? Shot with a Nikon D800E and 24-70mm lens in 5 image 1 stop bracket mode. One final noteI used a cool feature in Capture One to correct perspective so the building didn’t look like it was falling backwards.

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  1. Would like to see it without PP. Why did you leave in the power lines?

    Do like it tho!

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