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Mighty Midway

The Aircraft Carrier Midway, San Diego, CA
The Aircraft Carrier Midway, San Diego, CA

On my recent trip to San Diego for some business and pleasure I visited the Aircraft Carrier Midway, docked at the downtown wharf.  This has got to be one of the coolest museums you can visit next to the Intrepid in NYC.  This old aircraft carrier has been restored and is open to the public.  What a cool ship.  It was amazing to visit all the spaces and decks and see how sailors lived on this massive ship.  I have a son who just entered the Navy, another son in the Army as well as a daughter in law in the Army and my girlfriend has a son in the Navy.   We are very proud of our country’s military and especially those that serve because we know what these young people go through.  Anyway, back to the carrier.  I was also shooting the Fuji XT-1 during this trip for an upcoming article on Luminous-Landscape and decoded to try out a handheld multi row 23 image stitch image while on deck.  The above shot is a result of that.  The article will explain how it is done.


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