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Lemaire Channel – One End To The Other

I really enjoy doing panorama photos. Not only do they make large files that I can print large but they also allow a viewer to see a lot more in an image than a traditional single shot frame does.  There are a lot of photographers that make a big point out of doing perfect panoramas using special rigs and aligning the nodel points to perfection.  While I do that sometimes most of the time I just don’t the gear or the time.  As a matter of fact a lot of time I can really good panos just by panning the camera handheld.  And, that’s exactly what I did with this image.  I was on a moving ship traveling through the Lemaire Channel.  It’s a most amazing place in Antarctica and while you can get great single frame images I saw an opportunity and thought I’d give it a shot by doing a handheld pano while the ship was moving.  The water was calm and the sunrise was just happening.  A gorgeous,  moment is the only way to describe it.  So I did two series of pans and one turned out.  Photoshop where I did the stitching together of the images, was brilliant at compensating for the movement of the ship and thus this is the image I ended up with.  The channel can be seen from one end to the other.

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