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It’s Been So Long – Sorry

It’s been too long since my last post.  When the Pandemic was declared and we went into lockdown things changed a lot and this blog lost its priority for me.  Then Debra’s dad got sick and died of Covid-19 and then Debra caught COVID and we have a crisis with that.  For now, things have settled down and we are into a new normal.    I can’t say I l like the new normal.  But, Debra and I have decided to stay as much in s=isolation as we can and avoid other people.  Somehow I managed not to get infected and thus I am really being careful. After seeing her spend 16 days in bed in what was by the worst sickness she ever had I would like to see f I can pass on that experience. So we only go out to the stores for supplies or do the curbside pick-up from our favorite restaurants.

During the lockdown, I have had a chance to go back through a lot of images.  I am cataloging old sessions to make them easier to work with and reprocessing many of my images,  Today we start off with an iceberg shot that was part of one of my stories One Iceberg Many Looks story.  For this shot, I opened it on my Pad and then sued Snapseen and DidtressedFX+ to radically change the image for a more dynamic image.  It’s just one was as photographers we can express ourselves using the many digital tools available.

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