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Fast waters In Iceland

Jökulsárlón, Iceberg Rapids, Iceland
Jökulsárlón, Iceberg Rapids, Iceland

I have always loved this image. A few years ago I was in Iceland and scouting out locations with Daniel Bergman. We traveled to all sorts of cool places and covered a lot of ground. However as usual a number r of my best images came from Jokulsarlon. This is a giant lagoon where glaciers all meet these in turn have ice that brakEs off otherwise known as calving. The light that night was so good. The day really never ended.  We had like a three hour sunset that merged into a sunrise. There is a point where these icebergs flow out of the lagoon and to the ocean. The ocean then deposits them on the beach which is another great spot for excellent images. The lagoon got clogged at the point where these icebergs flow out and they created a dam of sorts. Water backed up and then ran over these form their own sets of rapids. I got right up to the spot with a wide angle lens on my Phase One and managed to get these shots. This is one of my favorite.

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