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Carmel Performing Arts Center – Palladium My Way

Carmel, IN - Palladium - Performing Arts Center

The other night after experiencing some dramatic storms the skies began to clear and just turn wonderful colors and they were so dramatic.  My friend Debra grabbed me and we drove the block it takes to get to the Performing Arts Center.  I jumped out of the car and began shooting away.  I had grabbed my GH3 and shot in HDR mode – 5 exposures per shot. This technique allows my camera to shot over exposures opening up shadows and underexposures allowing highlights to be recorded.  I then bring my images into Capture One and do perspective control (straightening lines on building so they don’t or do distort).  Then I process he images to tiff format and run them through PhotoMatix combing all the exposures into one image.  Then I took the image into photoshop and run them through a series of other programs.  In this case I used a plug in called Topaz Adjust.  So here is my artistic version of PAC at a dramatic sunset.  I have more so look for them soon.  Also, finished up some dramatic Moab B&W Images.  Stay tuned.

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