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Black & White Waterfalls In Iceland

FB-BLG_DSC2680-1-ckint-bwI worked this image a lot in Photoshop and in color it looks real nice.  But, as I do with many images I decided to try it as a BW image and I liked it.  BW offers a lot and somewhat a nostalgic feel.  I have been going through the image catalog for 2015.  I shot 55,000 images this year.  Not one of my largest numbers but up there.  I so often have no time to work on images and thus get far behind on image editing.  The Holidays has allowed me a little time to catch up and as result I have several weeks worth of images to share on the blog.  Hope you enjoy this image and more to come.

Happy New Year.  This is my last entry for this year.

1 thought on “Black & White Waterfalls In Iceland

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