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Fall Colors – A Walk In The Woods

Fall Colors, Algonquin NP, Canada
Fall Colors, Algonquin NP, Canada

Taking a walk in the woods is always a nice thing to do, but with a camera it turns into an adventure.  This was made while walking through Algonquin NP in Canada.  As a photographer you train yourself to see the world in frames.  You look around at the surrounding environment and try to see things as if they were framed in the viewfinder of a camera.  You look, up, down, left, right and behind you.  And, if you are lucky you see a shot.  This one caught my attention and had all the elements of a defining image of fall.  Color, a fallen birch tree, mushrooms, pine needles and color.  I was dubious of such a strong horizontal of the tree going through the image but in the end I think it worked.

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  1. Dear Kevin, what a wonderful image of something easily missed, crisp, clear and colourful, what equipment did you use for this photograph. Regards David Evans

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