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Almost Home

The light was incredible.  Isle Of Skye, Scotland
The light was incredible. Isle Of Skye, Scotland

What a great week in Scotland.  Sorry there haven’t been more posts but the internet was so slow there was no way to post anything.  I’m in Amsterdam now doing an overnight before heading back to the US.  Scotland through everything it had at us from wind and rain to blue skies and sun.  This is the second of my biblical images I made on the trip.  Done with an ALPA And Phase One IQ260.  The light was unreal.  We had rainbows too.  I’ll post those shots in the coming days.  For now please enjoy this.

2 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. What a great photograph Kevin!!!

    This is one of the parts of Skye that I was unable to see in my travel to it last year, it was surrounded by such a heavy mist and low clouds when I try to photograph it that it was nearly imposible for me to see anything at 2 meters away…

    Anyway, that it is a good excuse to go back to Skye… if I ever need one… such wonderful island needs to be visited many times…

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