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Abandoned Hotel In Mexico

Hotel – San Miguel, Mexico

I just love this place.  Outside San Miguel there is a hotel that is 60% finished and then one day while building it they figured out it was not a good idea to build a hotel under a dam that may break someday and flood the place out.  No matter what you think of all the planning that went into this before discovering such a thing, it did leave a cool place to take pictures.  I like this shot because it has symmetry.  I am kind of big on that as one of my styles in photography.  This was shot with a Phase One IQ180 that has super ability to see drk and highlight detail.  Notice how you can see detail in ceilings of the hotel rooms.  This camera in addition to this dynamic range is also 80 megapixels so the detail is just amazing.

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  1. I like this picture very much – and thanks for writing about it too!

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