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A Tree

Gum Tree in Orbitson Gorge, Austrailia
Gum Tree in Orbitson Gorge, Austrailia

This is a tree I shot in a gorger in Austrailia. Austrailia has lots of surprises. Many photographers would by this tree and not shoot it as it is just a tree. However, if you know your camera and know how to post process and image you can take a shot like this and make it a good final image. I used Capture One Pro to make this image and a number of tools available in it. First started with color balance. Then I worked contrast and saturation. This was followed by some local adjustments and the use of color editor to fine tune certain colors. Then I vignetted the shot as well as used local adjustments to darken parts of the image. I tried this in Lightroom too and I am pretty good with both, but LR couldn’t come close to the color and detail that Capture One made.

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