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Church On A Hill

I have been Iceland dozens of times.  It’s an amazing country and has a lot of great places to photograph.  After a while everyone that visits takes the same pictures of the same things,  This church is no exception.  I have photogrphed this chuch a lot but on this day I had low hanging clouds and lots of birds flying over it.  Thus, I was lucky to get an image that is somehwat a differnt view.  Shot with a long lens from a low angle.  It’s a peaceful image.

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A More Subtle Iceland

Vik Beach, Iceland
Vik Beach, Iceland

Yesterday I posted a dramatic moment in Iceland.  They can be that way sometimes there.  This image is a bit more typical of Iceland.  Made at Vik a black beach, it was done at dusk and the light was gray with a hint or color on the horizon.  The beach is very large and there is a nice surf that rushes up onto the stones of the beach.  By dragging the shutter I was able to get the magical look to the surf and a hint of movement in the clouds.  This is one of those images you need to see as a print.