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Off To Iceland Tomorrow

Waterfall, Iceland

Waterfall, Iceland

I am heading off to Iceland for my fourth trip tomorrow.  This is one of my favorite places to photograph.  As a fine art landscape photographer I know of no place that offers such stunning beauty no mater what season it is.  This trip will be nice as it is the first one where I won’t be going in summer months.  It will be cold, maybe snowy and best of all there will be darkness.  In June and during the summer there is 24 hours of light.  This also means I’ll be able to shoot the northern lights with the NEW Phase One IQ260 camera.  So stay tuned.  I”ll update the blog as often as internet connections allow.  This shot is from one of the many waterfalls that I converted to B&W.  After the many trips I have made there I try to make things look different.