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The Journey To New Zealand Begins

Ice and Glaciers at Mount Cook, New Zealand

I love going to all the great places that I can to photography.  What I don’t like is airports and airplanes and the process of getting there.  Today I start out my journey to New Zealand to host a Phase One PODAS workshop there.  I start my journey in Indinapolis and fly to Detroit, from there to Los Angeles and then to Sydney and from sydney to Queenstown, NZ.  That’s a lot of hours in planes and airports.  I have done it before and will do it many times again.  the iPad is loaded with books, magazines and TV shows I can catch up on.  I have special drugs mixed with a view glasses of wine that will make time travel faster.  And, fortunately I usually get off the plane and forget that I juts took the trip.  It’s all worth it especially in NZ because I’ll shoot so many great places.  So stay tuned, I’ll update the images here as often as I can.

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