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Sunset Olympic National Park

Olympic National PArk Sunset
Olympic National Park Sunset

I enjoy photographing in Olympic National Park a lot.  There is so much to shoot there.  This image was made at the 2nd Beach location.  It’s a short walk through the woods that dumps you onto this wonderful beach.  Hang around for sunset and you’ll be treated to something special.  This is an image made with a Phase One IQ160 with an ALPA camera.  I did one exposure then processed it out at 2 stops over and under plus normal.  It was the taken into PhotoMatix and tone mapped.  What this does is recover the detail in highlights and shadows and then blends them together.  A bit surreal and real at the same time.

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Having Some Fun

Chicago Abstract
Chicago Abstract

Last night I did a talk and demo at the Rivera Camera Club in Indianapolis. At these types of talks I like to take an image and work it to different levels.  This is an image that was rotated and enhanced using a variety of techniques.  Kind of goes with my current these of Architectual Abstracts.