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Having Some Fun

Chicago Abstract
Chicago Abstract

Last night I did a talk and demo at the Rivera Camera Club in Indianapolis. At these types of talks I like to take an image and work it to different levels.  This is an image that was rotated and enhanced using a variety of techniques.  Kind of goes with my current these of Architectual Abstracts.

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  1. Many thanks for a terrific presentation at Riviera last night. Not only was it inspirational and instructive, it was a lot of fun! For a group of experienced photographers, I would say that all of us learned something new. I, for one, am going to try Capture One, particularly for use with my new Fuji-X-T1 system. The part I enjoyed the most was seeing a Master at work during post-processing! It was truly a pleasure to see an experienced pro who still gets giddy with excitement and has so much fun trying out new ways of expanding his art with the vast array of software available! Your presentation was infectious, enthusiastic and I am certain that it will help many of us unleash our creativity and sense of adventure – and just have fun!

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