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Antarctica 2013 Gallery

Birds and Icebergs, Antarctica, November 2013

Birds and Icebergs, Antarctica, November 2013

From November 6 through the 24th 2013 I had the opportunity to make my fourth trip to Antarctica.  This is one of my favorite regions in the world to visit.  It is a dynamic landscape that continually changes with weather conditions.  The amount of wildlife is extraordinary.  I hope you enjoy these images.


3 thoughts on “Antarctica 2013 Gallery

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  2. Thanks Kevin for sharing,i always sand bag on The Luminous landscape blog to read the stories of the artists. Loved how you did those shots and said they were not HDR,they are beautiful. Have loved Photography for many years do my own thing and share with friends around the world and local. I only work with Aperture as a pensioner one cannot go out and spend as one did when we were young,so make do with what i have and enjoy. The trip sounded exiting but in the seventies now would not challenge it myself but admit to caring 8KG back pack last year and did about 7,000 steps in yellow mountain China in 6 hours,it was coming down that my knees could not handle the stairs are tiny and a size 14 boot could only come down sideways. Love all those rust looking shots as well can never seem to perfect mine as good or sharpen them on my 70D. Once again,thank you so much for sharing i can only drool over others works of art.
    Have never liked calling them pics or photos as when one looks around its very artistic so i gave it a name and now to my friends I always say when I take a good one that is ,that I am an Artographer hehe!!

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