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Abandoned Hotel In Mexico

Hotel – San Miguel, Mexico

I just love this place.  Outside San Miguel there is a hotel that is 60% finished and then one day while building it they figured out it was not a good idea to build a hotel under a dam that may break someday and flood the place out.  No matter what you think of all the planning that went into this before discovering such a thing, it did leave a cool place to take pictures.  I like this shot because it has symmetry.  I am kind of big on that as one of my styles in photography.  This was shot with a Phase One IQ180 that has super ability to see drk and highlight detail.  Notice how you can see detail in ceilings of the hotel rooms.  This camera in addition to this dynamic range is also 80 megapixels so the detail is just amazing.

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Old Abandoned Hotel, San Miguel, Mexico

Here is another shot made at the abandoned hotel in San Miguel, Mexico.  This was such a fun place to shoot.  I embellished the image a bit to add to the mood and overall despair of this building.  Shot with a Phase One IQ180 this image has spectacular detail and allows me to hold the dynamic exposure range of highlights to shadows.

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Mexican Hotel Room

Hotel Room - After a wild party, Mexcio

On my PODAS workshop trip in Mexico, we had the chance to shoot in an abandoned hotel,  This hotel was well on its way to being  luxury hotel until they figured out it was sitting under a dam and the dam just might someday break and wipe out the hotel and its guests.  Sounds like good planning to me.  This is a shot of one of the hotel rooms that never got finished. Shot with a Phase One IQ 180 and 28mm lens.

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Pilgrimage – Mexico

Hall in a church during a pilgrimage

While on my recent trip in Mexico we got a rare opportunity to visit a church in a small village.  Daniel Ortiz our local attendee with us knew the priest at this church and obtained permission for us to photograph in the back of the church where most people never go.  The church was holding a pilgrimage and there were a thousand men there for the week praying and being part of the event.  I have a lot of images that are really nice and will be sharing them here over time.  This image though I liked.  The detail in it blown up large is so sharp.  I used an IQ 180 camera to shoot it so it better bee with 80 mega pixels.  This was a hall that I stumbled upon by accident and it just blew me a way.  All these men bring a bed roll and a small chair and sleep in hals like this. Here they are shown relaxing after a lunch.  The time exposure of 10 seconds make it interesting as some people are moving and appear very ghost like and others are still.  The hallway while it looks nice and bright here was very dim and dull.

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Woman In San Miguel

Woman Begging in San Miguel, Mexico

This has been an incredible week with the PODAS workshop.  I head home today only to leave on Wednesday for Scotland.  I tend to move around a lot.  One of the things that is fun to do is shoot what we photographers term street photography and San Miguel is perfect for this.  So much going on.  This shot was made near the ATM machine of a woman who is obviously begging.  You see this a lot in Mexico.  Sad.  I composed quickly got a few shots off and then made sure to give her some Pesos.  The power is the face, and out reached hand.  More images will be coning from this trip as I have time to work on them.

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San Miguel – Here We Come

San Miguel Doorway

I am leaving today for a week in beautiful SanMiguel Mexico.  I’ll be blogging from there the rest of the week and also posting on my other blog the PODAS Workshop Blog.  SanMiguel is just a lovely place and so is the surrounding countryside.  Expect to see photos of people, street scenes and landscapes.  I’ll be leading a groups of Phase One camera owners on this trip.  Instructors will be Michael Reichmann and Mark Dubovoy.  Visit the blog and see all the action.

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A Little Bit of Mexico

It has been a busy week.  I started in Chicago doing scouting and set up for the July PODAS Architecture Workshop.  followed that up visiting schools and doing a Phase One IQ rollout.  Got back to Indy, changed suitcases and was headed to Atlanta for a few days at the SPE – Society Of Photographic Educator conference.   all of it was buys and a lot of Phase One business.  All good.  Now I am back in the office for a week doing follow-up as well as prep work for the Death VAlley workshop as well as Ireland workshops coming up soon.  Then on Sunday I attended a workshop held by my friend Harry Sandler on iPhone Photography.

Today’s shot was made in Mexico on a recent trip there in San Miguel.  I did this with a  Panosonic GH2 which is a great street shooters camera.  I love shooting people on the street and this is a good shot of a local. I’ll be using the GH2 for upcoming blog images for the PODAS workshops.  It does great videos too.