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Making The Best Chicago Skyline

The final image after adjustment in Capture One and adding a sky from Luminar 4
The final image after adjustment in Capture One and adding a sky from Luminar 4

One of the things I like doing when visiting Chicago, one of my favorite cities is to take the architecture tour.  This is a boat tour that takes you up and down the river then out to Lake Michigan.  The photo ops on the trip are numerous, especially you take the tour at different times of the say.  I wanted to share on a picture I took on the trip.  Essentially I took an image that looked of (below) and then using Capture One made adjustments to the image you see above.  The main tools were level, color temp, contrast, clarity, saturation.   I’ll be doing tutorials on to show how all this is done.  But, you need to have confidence that if you take a photo that you might question, that in the end, you can use your software to bring it to life.

Image before the one above
Image before the one above

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Chicago River

Sorry, it has been a little while since my last post.  I was away for a few weeks running a workshop and then in major catch-up mode.  Today’s image was made in Chicago a few weeks ago.  I love this classic shot but maybe not the big letters spelling TRUMP on the beautiful building.