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One More Day Until The Start Of PODAS Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy - Sunrise
Tuscany, Italy – Sunrise

The last two days have been very busy prepping for the PODAS Tuscany workshop that officially kicks off on April 21st.  Tuscany is a landscape photographers dream.  The villages and landscapes are exceptional.  Tuscany also takes on a whole new look at dawn and sunset.  This will be where we spend most of our time focusing our photography.  We have early morning shoots as well as sunset shoots planned from Sunday through next Saturday.  I’ll be posting images as often as I can so you can share our adventure through Tuscany.  Please come back often and visit.  For now I’ll leave you with the sunrise shot taken yesterday.  Made with the NEW IQ260 and 240mm lens.  This is turning out to me my favorite combination.  The 240mm lens is one of the best lenses I have eve used.  The sharpness and contrast is second to none.  It’s going to be a long week and we have a great team and attendees from all over the world.

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