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Polar Bear In Svalbard

I have made at least six trips to Svalbard.  Svalbard is a territory of Norway in the polar circle.  We normally board a ship there and spend at least ten days exploring the area.  Part of the mission on the trip is to photograph polar bears.  This is one Polar Bear we tracked for a while.  You can search this site for Polar Bear and find more photographs of thse magnificent creatures.

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Svalbard Ice Pack Waterfall

On a visit to Svalbard in the northern Polar circle is a giant ice cap and during the summer there is melting and run off. Sometimes the run off opens a hole in the face of the ice pack and you get these giant waterfalls. Called Austfonnain case you want to look it up.  This was made with a long lens from a moving ship.  Nikon 810 with 80-400mm lens.  


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First Svalbard Trip

The First Svalbard Workshop Group Photo Made On An Ice Floe In The Arctic Ocean, by Peter Cox

For the last 8 days I have cruising onboard the Malmo a small ship in the Arctic region of Svalbard photographing landscapes and wildlife with an amazingly great 12 passengers.  I’ll have more to report in August on my return but did want to share our group photo made on an ice floe in the middle of the Arctic Ocean north of Svalbard.

Svalbard, The Arctic

Glacier Calving, Arctic Circle Region
Glacier Calving, Arctic Circle Region

In August of 2013 I had the privilege to travel to the Arctic on board the MV Quest.  This was a photographic expedition and workshop.  I took thousands of images.  Below are the selects from this trip.  You’ll find Ice, Birds, Polar Bears, Rust and Walruses.  This is an amazing region and I plan to go back again in 2015.  I hope you enjoy these images.

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Arctic Fox

If you are a regular reader you know I love the polar regions of our planet.  THis image was made of an arctic fox in Svalbard which is just about as far north as you can go.  The image shows this fox in front of a bunch of feathers and bones.  These are remarkable creatures as they change coats from white to grey in the changing seasons.  They also have a very short lifespan.  They are fast and can usually be found with dens near the bird cliffs in Svalbard.

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I Love Ice

Svlabard Iceberg
Svalbard Iceberg

Ice and more Ice.  why do I like ice so much?  This little ice formation I gound three years ago while photographing in Svalbard, Norway.  We were cruising in our Zodiacs shooting glaciers when we came upon this piece of ice which was most likely from the glacier itself.  I used a wide-angle lens and lower the camera close to the water to capture this image.   I was supposed to go back to Svalbard this August for a workshop but that has now been canceled due to COVID.

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Polar Bears Jumping

I presume you may know that I also run workshops to amazing locations all around the world.  You can find these workshops at Rockhopper Workshops.  One of the places we visit is the Arctic and what an amazing place it is.  These two polar bears were photographed on one of my Svalbard workshops a few years ago.  On these workshops, we sometimes drive our small ship deep into the arctic ice and search for polar bears.  We get real close and shut the engines down and drift and if we are lucky polar bears come to us.  This polar bear was photographed from about fifty feet off of the ship.  The bear was jumping from ice flow to ice flow and sometimes even swimming.  These are magnificent animal.s

I still have room on my August 2020 workshop and info can be found at Rockhopper Workshops.  Maybe you’d consider joining us.

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Abstract Bow

Abstract svalbard

I am always looking for the picture in the picture.  This is a photo of an old beached boat on a beach in Svalbard.  What I like to od is shoot the picture of the larger subject (the boat) itself then go in close and start to look for new compositions.  Sometimes I use a long lens like the 100-400nn lens.  In this shot, I saw the bow of the ship as it’s own abstract photo.  I moved back a bit and zoomed in with the telephoto lens to compress the image a bit.  Then I shot it.  At first, if you see the images you might not know what it is.  This forces the viewer to stop for a minute to figure it out. Some people may not even figure it out.  I like this subject as it has a lot of things I like, such as rust and peeling paint.  Enjoy.

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Crashing Down


Watching a glacier calve is the most incredible sight and sound.  It’s an art to position yourself so you can catch a glacier as it calves.  Once you are positioned you need to keep your camera to your eye to make sure you are ready to catch it.  My technique is to get a zodiac in place and pick out the front of a glacier that may calve.  Then holding the camera to your eye sweep left and right until it happens.  If you wait until you hear it is too late.  The noise is like an explosion and the sight is something to behold.  This glacier was in the arctic circle in Svalbard.