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New Site Coming

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kwr-new-hpYou may have noticed that I haven’t added anything to this site for a while.  It certainly isn’t because of lack of content.  I have been traveling extensively on Luminous-Landscape business as well Rockhopper.  I have been from Iceland to S. America to the Palouse back to Iceland and leaving for Alaska in a week.  While doing all of this I have also been writing articles, producing videos, working on a new photo project and redesigning the Kevin Raber website.

Very soon this site will take on a  whole new look and feel.  Working with my website designers I use for Luminous-Landscape we have come up with a new look and lots more functionality.  We’ll have more galleries and on line print ordering available.  The design is clean and it is easy to navigate and will always look fresh.

So, be patient a while longer and before the end of the summer we should have the new site launched.

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One thought on “New Site Coming

  1. looking forward to your new endeavor

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